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Pray For A Choate T-Shirt

Pray For A Choate T-Shirt

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This might literally be the most comfortable t-shirt you ever own.  

And if that's not enough, when you buy it, you are directly helping the Choate family.  Nick, who has been in a battle with cancer, is a Texas Country producer and musician.  Not only that, he's also a husband and father of 3.  

As you can imagine, this has been a financial challenge for the Choates between therapies and surgeries.  

But God...

The Choates know that God is bigger than the 'c' word.  They believe that God has a greater plan and they are standing firm on that promise.  

This shirt... while it might seem somewhat insignificant... will help with two things: 

  1. Raise money to help with life and medical costs. This goes without saying.  The net profits from each shirt sold will go directly to the Choate family. 
  2. Get the word out about praying for Nick.  On his social media, when he posts about having to go for therapy or for a checkup, you'll see him asking friends to "Pray for a Choate."  It seemed perfectly fitting to have a shirt made that would allow the word to spread so that the whole world could pray for this dear family.

So grab 1 or 4 and let's help spread the word about Nick, as well as give them some much needed relief for the financial mountains they are facing.  

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